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Student Resources Concurrent Enrollment


Complete the Concurrent Application and return it to UCR Extension Student Services. There is a nonrefundable application fee of $50.

Enrollment Process

  • View the UC Riverside General Catalog and the Schedule of Classes for the upcoming quarter or purchase them at the University Campus Store.
  • Decide which classes to attend. Choose an alternative class in case your choice is filled.
  • Pick up the Concurrent Enrollment Form(s) from the UCR Extension Student Services Office and complete and sign the form(s) before attending class. You must submit one enrollment form for each class. Enrollment forms are available two weeks before classes begin. See Academic Schedule.
  • Attend class and introduce yourself as a concurrent student to the instructor in charge of the course. If granted permission to attend class, have the instructor sign the concurrent enrollment form. Approval by a TA or any other assistant is not adequate.
  • If you currently are, or have ever been, a registered UC Riverside student, you must also secure the approval of the dean of your college or school.
  • Students expecting to graduate with a bachelor's degree from UC Riverside are cautioned that XRC prefix courses are not counted as taken in residence at UC Riverside, and 35 of the final 45 units completed by each student prior to receiving the baccalaureate degree must be earned in residence at UC Riverside.
  • Return the completed enrollment form with the required signatures to the UCR Extension Student Services Office and pay course fees.
  • Show your instructor(s) your receipt of payment and have them add your name to the class roster.

Deadlines/Late Fees

Completed enrollment forms submitted later than the third week of the quarter will be assessed a late fee of $50 for each class.

Student Affairs Offices

College Address Phone
Engineering Skye Hall Room 310 (951) 827-3647
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 3400 HMNSS Bldg. (951) 827-3683
College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences 1223 Pierce Hall (951) 827-7294
Graduate Division 140 University Office Building (951) 827-4302
Graduate School of Management Anderson Hall (951) 827-4551
School of Education 1207 Sproul Hall (951) 827-5802
UCR Extension UCR Extension Center,
1200 University Ave.
(951) 827-4105

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students are responsible for obtaining signatures, filling out forms properly, paying fees, meeting deadlines, having the instructor add them to the class rosters, informing the UCR Extension Student Services Office of changes of address, etc. As a UCR Extension student, you have only limited access to regular campus services. UCR Extension provides an application for library privileges upon request.

Credit and Transferable Units

Concurrent course units are transferable to a degree-granting institution under certain circumstances. Please consult with that school regarding the transferability of units. UCR Extension does not grant degrees.

Students being admitted or readmitted to UC Riverside with XRC prefix courses receive grade points, as well as unit credit.

Students expecting to graduate with a bachelor's degree from UC Riverside are cautioned that XRC prefix courses are not counted as taken in residence at UC Riverside, and 35 of the final 45 units completed by each student prior to receiving the baccalaureate degree must be earned in residence at UC Riverside.


Grades for concurrent courses are recorded only at UCR Extension. They are not automatically transferred to the UC Riverside Registrar. Transcripts must be requested electronically or in person. They are available for a fee of $13 per copy. There is an additional $7 rush fee for transcripts produced while you wait.

Get more information on the transcripts page.


Concurrent student names will not appear on the regular class roster. Instructors will receive a grade roster from the UCR Extension Student Services Office at the end of the quarter. Grade reports are mailed to students after grades are posted.

Financial Aid

Because UCR Extension is self-supporting and does not participate in financial aid programs, no financial aid is available. For information on private loan programs, contact the UCR Extension Student Services Office at (951) 827-4105.


A $5 fee will be charged for transfer from one course to another. No transfers after the third week of the quarter.


Prerequisites vary depending on which class is being taken. For specific information, please see the course listing in the UC Riverside General Catalog.

University Policies and Campus Regulations

UCR Extension abides by all policies and regulations regarding student conduct and discipline, sexual harassment, substance abuse, and nondiscrimination as prescribed by the University of California, Riverside. Student Conduct and Academic Integrity


Units Undergraduate Graduate
1 $281 $349
2 $562 $698
3 $843 $1,047
4 $1,124 $1,396
5 $1,405 $1,745

Concurrent students enrolled in MBA courses will also be assessed professional fees. For 8 units or less the fee is $3,808 and for more than 8 units the fee is $7,616. An additional, mandatory technology fee of $4/unit will be charged for all course enrollments. Other fees may also be charged to cover additional expenses or individual instruction. In addition, higher fees may be charged to cover additional expenses, labs, etc., or individual instruction. For more information on the Concurrent Enrollment Program, fees and the application process, contact UCR Extension at (951) 827-4105 or (800) 442-4990.


All withdrawals must be requested in writing. Forms are available at Student Services. Both the instructor and UCR Extension must be notified when a class is dropped. Otherwise a grade of "F " may be reported. Students can withdraw from classes until the end of the sixth week of the quarter. The refund policy for concurrent enrollments follows campus policy. Withdrawing on or after the first day of instruction:

2-7 calendar days 90% of refundable fees
8-18 calendar days 50% of refundable fees
19-35 calendar days 25% of refundable fees
36+ calendar days 0% of refundable fees

No refunds will be given after the fifth week of the quarter.

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