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The absence of face-to-face interaction is a defining feature of online learning, but not an impediment to a highly interactive learning experience. Learning is a social activity, even online. Online classes have different kinds of interaction than is customary in classroom instruction. Effective online instructors stay engaged with their students through prompt feedback on assignments, timely responses to email, and active participation in the class. 

Online learning provides meaningful learning opportunities for students who might otherwise go without them for any of a variety of reasons. UCR Extension instructor Tim Downey summed up the benefits of online learning nicely, “The most obvious initial benefit is flexibility in time and place. Students and instructors can participate asynchronously, engaging in the course when it fits into their personal schedules. In all, an online course can and should be a flexible, authentic, and more personalized educational experience."


Brian Reilly, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Instructional Design and Distance Learning

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