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UCR University Extension | Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Bring your focus and intensity to our campus this summer and immerse yourself in a life-changing experience.

You will work hard and your instructors will require a high level of commitment from you, expecting you to understand that "short" does not mean "less."

Graduating from a UCR Summer Academy demonstrates that you have completed a specialized program of study that meets the high standards of the University of California. 

Crime Scene Investigation 

Summer Academy: June 20 - October 30

Do you like to analyze the details? It’s been said that crime scene investigation is the meeting point of science, logic and law. Learn the fundamentals of crime scene investigation, and engage in collection and preservation of evidence. Explore crime scene management including photographing, sampling, and recovering evidence. 


Data Science with Excel

Summer Academy: June 20 - August 29

Become an Excel master and equip yourself with an understanding of why data science is becoming both essential and lucrative for modern professionals. Understand the objective data you encounter, and discover how to make informed decisions.

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