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Summer Programs

Bring your focus and intensity to our campus this summer and immerse yourself in a life-changing experience.

You will work hard and your instructors will require a high level of commitment from you, expecting you to understand that "short" does not mean "less."

Graduating from a UCR Summer Academy demonstrates that you have completed a specialized program of study that meets the high standards of the University of California. 

Data Science with Excel

Summer Academy: June 22 - August 25

Become an Excel master and equip yourself with an understanding of why data science is becoming both essential and lucrative for modern professionals.

Understand the objective data you encounter

Discover how to make informed decisions 

Data Science with R

Summer Academy: June 22 - August 25

Data science has quickly become one of the most sought-after skills in the workforce.

Clean and visualize real-world data like a pro

Use data to predict client behavior 

Optimize logistics, mazimize staffing to effeciently use resources

GIS Fundamentals 

Summer Academy: June 24 - August 2

GIS applications are used in nearly every field, and have a profound influence on the way we do business.

Gain practice using ArcGIS Pro, mobile GIS, applications, and other geoprocessing tools

Analyze methodologies and apply visualization using cartographic design

Network with GIS peers and professionals at the ESRI User ConferencPython Week offered August 5-9

Python WeekL August 5-9 

Crime Scene Investigation 

Summer Academy: July 1 - August 9

Do you like to analyze the details? It’s been said that crime scene investigation is the meeting point of science, logic and law.

Learn the fundamentals of crime scene investigation

Engage in collection and preservation of evidence

Explore crime scene management including photographing, sampling, and recovering evidence

Hospitality Skills

Summer Academy: July 8 - August 14

The hospitality industry is not for the faint of heart. Succeeding requires a delicate balance of business sense, confidence, and sincerity.

Gain insights into the inner workings of the hospitality industry

Build an understanding of front desk management, finance/sales, and food and beverage service

Refine your skill set in time management, professional etiquette, goal-setting, and more

Professional Skills for the Workplace

Summer Academy: July 9 – August 23

Learn foundational skills to excel at your job and round out your business mindset.

Build confidence in approaching difficult situations to optimize the situation

Develop communication skills for use in person, print, and electronically

Learn best practices in customer service techniques to provide the best customer experience

Introduction to Digital Arts And Graphic Design

Summer Academy: July 13 - August 17 

Get a solid footing in the fundamentals of design production in this 5-week Introduction to Digital Arts and Graphic Design academy.

Create visual and innovative communication solutions using graphic elements

Learn contemporary design layout with Adobe InDesign

Build industry-compatible illustrations using Adobe Illustrator 

Effective Sales

Summer Academy: July 20 - Fall Quarter 

When pitching yourself for a job or project, your sales savvy will determine if you land the deal or not.

Identify sales tools and strategies, and assess their impact in a real-world environment

Learn best practices for effective negotiation tactics

Develop effective time management, communication, networking, and closing skills

Entrepreneurship: Startup Development

Summer Academy: July 22 - August 15 

Turn your vision into reality and give your entrepreneurial enterprise legs to get off and running.

Assess the viability of your idea and forecast its potential success in the marketplace

Learn how to evaluate customer satisfaction or pain point

Gain foundational management principles and market identification strategies

Social Media Network Strategies

Summer Academy: July 22 - August 13 

Social media marketing is not just a trend  it’s the new reality, and it has redefined the way businesses interact with customers, clients, and prospects.

Learn how to improve your social presence

Connect to your customers

Expand your customer reach to improve your brand reputation and bottom line 

Social Media and Internet Marketing

Summer Academy: July 22 - August 26

Gone are the days of single channel marketing. 

Engage across multiple channels and multiple platforms

Expand your reach and communicate in places your audience frequents

Tell your brand’s story, to build meaningful connections with your customers  

Supervision and Leadership 

Summer Academy: August 5 - 31 

Progress your leadership capacity through confidence and a thorough plan to transform your vision into reality.

Develop a level of competency to maximize your performance as a leader

Learn how to enhance the functionality of your team to produce a successful outcome

Build proficiency in basic delegation and communication strategies 

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