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UCR University Extension | Law and Justice

Law and Criminal Justice

Crime and Intelligence Analysis

Learn how patterns can help predict where criminals might strike next. Develop skills in research and analysis to ensure law enforcement has the best information to make critical decisions. Join a fast-growing niche in forensic science and take the first step towards a California DOJ credential.


Crime Scene Investigation

Step behind the yellow tape as a real-life crime scene investigator. Combine legal knowledge, scientific procedures and a meticulous eye to have a successful career collecting and processing evidence for law enforcement. Our hands-on program prepares you to step out of the classroom and onto a crime scene.


Crime Scene Investigation Academy

Be prepared to step behind the yellow tape in just six weeks with our hands-on CSI intensive summer learning experience. Crime scene investigators need legal knowledge a meticulous eye, and scientific procedures to collect and preserve evidence for the justice community.


Paralegal Studies

Don't just study law; gain experience by applying the legal theories you learn. Our instructors are experienced attorneys and paralegals who have undergone a rigorous academic approval process. Get up-to-date practices so you can work in any legal setting.


Professional Fiduciary

Make a difference as a professional fiduciary when you act as an advocate and legal representative for those who cannot care for themselves. Strengthen your educational foundation so you can pass the state-licensing exam and help ensure the needs of senior citizens, disabled adults and others are met.


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