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Forensic Nursing

Merge your interest in investigative science with your nursing experience and commitment to victim advocacy to become a forensic nurse. Work with law enforcement, the legal community, and death investigators, to ensure your patients get the best support and medical care.


Legal Nurse Consulting

Build a bridge between law and health care as a legal nurse consultant (LNC). Use your nursing preparation and experience to assist attorneys and law enforcement. Interpret medical information and offer insight into everything from standards of care to claimed injuries and damages.


Medical Case Management

Create a continuum of high-quality, comprehensive care for patients who have complex healthcare needs. Not only will your administrative skills improve, but you'll be able to help your patients in the long term, collaborate and problem-solve, and learn how case management has evolved.


Nurse Death Investigation

Take your nursing skills in a new direction. Bridge the gap between the medical and legal worlds by utilizing your adept clinical experience to conduct death investigations and ensure that proper care extends beyond an individual's passing.


Fundamentals of Yoga

Discover a calmer, more balanced life path through Iyengar yoga. Focus on achieving precision through asanas (yoga postures) and developing awareness of movement using classical practices established over 2,000 years ago.


Yoga: Theory and Practice

Explore the art, science and philosophy of Iyengar yoga. Align your body and enhance your physical and emotional well-being by learning asanas (yoga postures), and broadening your knowledge of Indian culture and history.


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