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UCR University Extension | Overview

Partnering for Success

We are committed to building a stronger and more vibrant region through strategic partnerships with our local business community

Custom Training Programs Our customized training programs are designed to help you increase employee motivation, innovation, productivity and skills by providing a best practice approach to employee development tailored to your exact needs. Download the flyer to learn how to bring this program to your workplace. 


Workforce Development

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) provides funds for training to eligible businesses through the Riverside County Economic Development Agency or the Southeast Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board. Download the flyer to learn how to bring this program to your workplace. 


Corporate Partners UCR Extension is proud to partner with area businesses and organizations to provide professional development and life-long learning opportunities for employees. Download the flyer to learn how to bring this program to your workplace. 


Conferencing Services Our experienced staff will make planning, hosting and sponsoring your event an enjoyable experience. As one of the largest facilities in the area, our facility can host groups as large as 500 participants, and also offers overnight accommodations, catering, and many other customizable services.


Internship Programs Build your business with highly qualified and motivated interns. Student interns are self-starters with a natural drive for success. Enhance your productivity while helping a student gain the experience they need to advance their career development.


Best Practices If your company has achieved success through demonstrated best practices in a particular area, we would like to invite you to participate in our onsite visit program. Through a trip to your facility, our students will throw books and theory aside to see best practices in action and learn what worked for you, and how you made it happen. What were your challenges? How did you overcome them? Sharing your insights and experiences can prove invaluable to students looking to enter the workforce.



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