Choose the Program that is Right for You

English Language Programs

Flexible, innovative, multi-level programming offered year-round that is designed to meet the multimedia curricular needs of the 21st century student.

Summer/Fall Program Options

Academic Study Programs

Customized academic journeys that incorporate a unique study abroad experience in California with undergraduate, graduate, or courses across academic disciplines taught by industry experts at the world-renown University of California.

Professional Certificates

Bachelor's degrees are not required to join professional certificates or specialized study programs that are taught by experienced experts who focus on practical applied skill development.

Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma Programs

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas combine theoretical knowledge with on-the-job training in a variety of sought after disciplines.

Master's Pathway Programs

In just over one year, you will gain advanced skills through postgraduate programs, professional experience through an internship and a master's degree from one of our international partner universities.

Degree Pathways

  • 9-month Admission Preparation Program (APP): $45,900
  • 9-month Graduate Preparation Program (GPP): $42,900
  • 9-month Master of Business Preparation Program (MBPP): $37,900
  • 12-week University Credit Program (UCP): $12,200

Custom Programs

Flexible curriculum, topics, dates and duration make Custom Programs perfect for groups of students with specific language or professional content-based learning goals.

Short Courses

Cost-effective, flexible paths to the career you want, with stackable credits that can lead to a full professional certificate.