Get Prepared

Prepare to make a successful application to your desired undergraduate or graduate degree program at UCR with our University Pathways programs. Combine advanced English instruction and test preparation (SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT) with academic skills training, and UCR credit classes. Learn how to meet the challenges of academic work and life on an American campus.

Find the Program That's Right for You

Admission Preparation Program (APP)

APP is available to high school graduates who have met the academic A-G course and minimum GPA requirements, but who have not yet taken the SAT and/or TOEFL. Learn college-level reading, writing, and research skills, critical thinking, and earn UC credits that are fully transferable toward your degree.

Graduate Preparation Program (GPP)

GPP aims to prepare you for future graduate study. GPP allows students who have completed their third year of undergraduate study to complete their fourth and final year at UC Riverside. Choose from a variety of disciplines, and take courses alongside UCR matriculated students. You gain UCR Academic Credits that can count toward your home university undergraduate degrees.

Master of Business Preparation Program (MBPP)

Offered in collaboration with the UCR School of Business, MBPP is designed for students who hold a three-year Bachelor's degree, and wish to enter into a Master's degree in business at University of California, Riverside, which normally requires a four-year Bachelor's degree.

UCR GATEway Program

GATEway is available to bachelor's degree graduates who have met the UCR School of Business English-proficiency and minimum GPA requirements, but who have not yet taken the GMAT.

  • Take graduate-level business core courses with AGSM
  • Take academic preparation class
  • Earn UCR AGSM credits that are fully transferable towards your master's degree
  • Apply for the UCR business graduate program and plenty of scholarships

University Credit Program (UCP)

UCP gives you the opportunity to enroll in UCR courses taught by renowned faculty members, or in UCR University Extension courses taught by real-world professionals. Further enhance your portfolio by taking courses toward one of the many professional certificates UCR Extension offers.

Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma Programs

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas combine theoretical knowledge with on-the-job training in fifteen sought after disciplines.