UCR University Extension Students may be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit through the Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA) of 1997.

The Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA) included a number of education tax benefits applicable to individuals completing postsecondary coursework. These include the Hope Scholarship Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit, which provide for a nonrefundable tax credit for out-of-pocket qualified tuition and related expenses of students in the taxpayer's family (the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse or eligible dependents). Since individual circumstances may vary, students should consult a professional tax advisor for assistance interpreting IRS Publication 970: Tax Benefits for Education, and determining the applicability of each benefit.

The University of California has contracted with TAB Services to produce your IRS Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement). The IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Statement is used to assist the taxpayer in determining their eligibility for an educational tax credit and/or deduction.

For additional information, contact your tax consultant or preparer, or visit www.tsc1098t.com and www.irs.gov.

Taxpayer Identification Number Reporting: An annual solicitation is sent out in November/December to those UCR University Extension students receiving IRS Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement) for the current tax reporting year who have not yet reported a Tax Identification Number (i.e., SSN or other TIN). This notice informs students that a TIN is missing from their student record, and provides various options for students to follow in order to update (i.e., add or opt-out) their student record, as needed. As the student, you must decide what action applies to your personal situation and take the necessary steps as described on the solicitation.

Obtaining Form 1098-T

You can access your 1098-T form by visiting the Tax Credit Reporting Service (TCRS) website. The website to login to the TCRS portal is: www.tsc1098t.com.

To enter the website, you will need the following information:

  • Enter the Site ID: 11560 [UC Riverside’s School Code]
  • User Name: Your UCR Extension Student ID
    • Note that your Student ID will start with the letter X (Capitalized) and will be followed numerical digits)
  • Password: Last 4 digits of your SSN or Tax Identification Number
    • If you are a returning user, and have previously used your password on the TSC website - use your previously setup password to login.
    • If this is your first login to the TSC website - use the last 4 digits of your Tax Identification Number (SSN or other reported TIN).
    • If you are unable to login or have forgotten your password - utilize the forgot password function on the login screen.

After successfully logging into the TCRS portal, you can access and print your 1098-T Tax Form by clicking “view my 1098T tax form.”

Please note that educational institutions are not qualified tax advisors and cannot determine if people are eligible for claiming deductions or receiving credits. If after reviewing the IRS information you need further clarification, we recommend that you consult a qualified tax advisor prior to filing tax paperwork.