Paying Fees

Course and Program Fees

  • The fee for each course, certificate, or program is listed on the corresponding information page.
  • The fee listed for each course is the same for auditors as for credit students.
  • Fees may be paid by:
    • Check or Money Order payable to Regents-UC
    • Purchase Order
    • VISA, MasterCard or Discover

Late Enrollment Fee: A fee may be charged for enrollments received after the first class meeting. Please see the specific course description, or contact Student Services for more information.

Returned Check Fee: A $25 collection fee is required by University of California.

Requesting a Refund

Please submit your written requests to'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'> or mail to: UCR University Extension, 1200 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507. Please note that we do not have access to credit card numbers that are processed in-person, via telephone, or mail. These refunds may experience a delay in processing, as the cashier will need to reach out to the student.

Course Refunds

About Course Refunds

  • All refunds are subject to a $30 drop fee.
  • A refund will be granted only if the request is received, in writing, at least 2 days prior to the start of the course.
  • No refunds will be granted if the request is made less than 2 days prior to the start date of the course.

Program Refunds

About Program Refunds

  • All program refunds are subject to a 10% drop fee.
  • Refunds will be granted only if the request is received, in writing, at least 2 days prior to the start of the course, and the original I-20 issued by University Extension is returned.
  • Withdraw and refund requests received before the end of the first day of registration will receive a 50% tuition refund.
  • Refunds will not be granted if the request is made after the first day of registration.
  • If classes are canceled due to insufficient enrollment, the full program fees are refunded.

Application Refunds

About Application Refunds

  • Application fees for programs, certificates, credentials, and completion verification are nonrefundable.
  • Housing placement fees are nonrefundable.

Refund Processing

Processing Time

  • Refund requests take six to eight weeks to process.
  • If UCR University Extension cancels your program, you will receive a full refund and no processing fee will be assessed.

NOTE: This policy does not apply to international students who are subject to the refund policy associated with their program of enrollment.