UCR University Extension does not endorse or otherwise recommend one lending source over any other sources. In addition to the lenders listed here, you may want to contact your current bank or other lending institution to ask if they have a student or continuing education loan. Carefully review the terms and conditions; the loan is from the lending institution and not from UC Riverside Extension. UCR Extension will work with any student loan lender, however established relationships with the lenders listed here may allow more expeditious loan certification and check distribution. UCR Extension is not eligible to accept FAFSA funding.

Student Loans: UC Riverside Extension has arranged with certain lenders listed below to offer competitive loans to students in continuing education programs. The loan amount requested can include course and textbook costs as well as living expenses that are appropriate to the cost of attendance.

Enter the Student Loan Application Portal

Review the University of California Code of Conduct in Regard to Preferred Lender Arrangements. Once approved by the lender and the status of your loan has changed to pending institution's response, the student is required to contact Extension's loan representative at 951.827.4105. After your loan has been certified, a student loan check(s) will be disbursed to UCR University Extension, payable to the student, and usually timed to arrive when needed to pay course fees, though it can take four weeks after applying to receive the first loan check. UCR University Extension will apply the loan check once received and you will receive an automated notice showing payment of any outstanding tuition invoice and posting of any remaining funds from your loan disbursement that may be eligible for refund. Please note that loan students must submit a written request to refunds-cancellations@ucx.ucr.edu, following receipt of the automated notice (receipt), to initiate a refund of any portion of eligible remaining loan funds. Requests should include: name, address and the amount of remaining loan funds that is being requested as a check refunded. Check refunds take approximately 4-6 weeks for processing from time of request submittal.

As a UCR University Extension student, you may be eligible for private financial assistance. The following is provided for information purposes only.

It is recommended that you begin the loan application process early as UCR University Extension does not enroll students in courses until payment is received, and applying for a loan does not reserve a space in the course.

For more information on financing your continuing education, call Student Services at 951.827.4105 or email register@ucx.ucr.edu.

Tuition Assistance: Displaced or disadvantaged workers may be eligible for federal assistance through the Employment Development Department (EDD) of California. For students who qualify, funds may be applied toward the cost of tuition and parking.

To determine your eligibility, contact one of the following:

  • County of San Bernardino, Workforce Development Department, 800.451.5627
  • Employment Development Department, 951.955.3100

Funding eligibility must be determined prior to enrolling or participating in any course.

Tax Credits: UCR University Extension students may be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit through the Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA) of 1997.

The Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA) included a number of education tax benefits applicable to individuals completing postsecondary coursework. These include the Hope Scholarship Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit, which provide for a nonrefundable tax credit for out-of-pocket qualified tuition and related expenses of students in the taxpayer's family (the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse or eligible dependents). Since individual circumstances may vary, students should consult a professional tax advisor for assistance interpreting IRS Publication 970: Tax Benefits for Education and determining the applicability of each benefit.

For additional information regarding potential education tax benefits including eligibility, contact your tax consultant or preparer, or visit www.tsc1098t.com and www.irs.gov.

For information regarding obtaining a 1098-T (tuition statement), please visit our Tax Credits webpage.