Course Numbering Conventions

  • 1-99 - Lower division (freshman and sophomore)
  • 100-199 - Upper division (junior and senior)
  • 200-299 - Graduate-level courses
  • 300-399 - Courses for teachers in upper division or postgraduate standing, usually in education, designed to serve needs for professional upgrading, in-service education requirements, basic and specialized credentials.
  • 400-499 - Postgraduate courses designed for professional and occupational upgrading and specialization.
  • 800-899 - Noncredit programs providing opportunities to pursue intellectual, civic and cultural interests.
  • 900-999 - Noncredit bearing units that may offer college prep or secondary school credit.

Letters Preceding Course Numbers

  • The letters preceding a course number indicate the University of California campus at which there is an equivalent course. For example, XR denotes Riverside, XL denotes Los Angeles, etc.
  • The letter C following any of these designations (e.g. XRC) indicates a concurrent course (campus regular session course in which UCR Extension students may concurrently enroll).
  • X alone, or XCal, indicates a course offered only through University Extension. Note, however, that X100 series courses are structured in accordance with requirements for campus upper-division-level courses.
  • A capital letter after a course number indicates the quarter portion of a course that continues through two or more successive quarters.