By: Lauren Perrodin

Summer offers teachers a chance to reflect and plan for their futures — whether that includes next year’s curriculum or when they can retire. Teachers are typically around 59 when they retire, with still a lot of life left to live and explore. Teaching is a demanding profession that may leave some with a desire to kick up their feet and relax. However, one in six “retirees” return to work, according to a 2023 Paychex study.

If you’re not ready to trade your textbooks for a margarita just yet, we have some ideas to help you play on the skills you already have.

10 Careers to Take Up After Retiring

1. Human Resources

After years of mitigating conversations with kids and adults, managing expectations and solving problems, human resources (HR) may be the perfect fit. The flow and level of interaction necessary for HR could meet your skills nicely.

2. Teaching Seniors

Your teaching career doesn’t have to end. Seniors are especially dedicated to lifelong learning, and are lively classroom participants! They enjoy engaging in conversation and sharing ideas with like-minded individuals. Check out an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute near you!

3. Writing

How about taking your rich life experiences and turning them into a memoir, short story, or the next great novel? Writing is a natural fit for former teachers!

4. Online Teaching

Teaching online can offer the chance to continue expanding on and improving your instructional skills in a space that’s not location-specific. This way, you can travel to your dream destination, and still earn a paycheck.

5. Educational Consultant

Want to do more to support educators and staff? With your experience in the industry, you can help ensure the curriculum and goals of the school are aligned and comprehensive.

6. Marketing for a Non-Profit Organization

Marketing for a non-profit organization is a low-stakes, high-reward position that can highlight the skills you have in your back pocket. Supporting a charity you connect with could be a great way to give back to your community.

7. Teacher Recruitment

You could usher in the next generation of educators or identify teachers that would fit in perfectly with the mission of your school. Having been in the industry for the length of your career, you’ll know what to look for, the questions to ask and the qualifications necessary to meet the needs of local students.

8. Teaching Abroad

Traveling and teaching abroad can offer the best of both worlds for retirement. You’ll get the chance to offer your skills to different corners of the world, do what you’ve always loved to do and see the world at the same time.

9. Writing Coach

You’ve seen great and not-so-great writing in your career as a teacher, and now you can coach students before their next big project. As a writing coach or tutor, you can make an impact on the future of successful writers.

10. Higher Education Instructor

Continuing education offers retired teachers the opportunity to share their skills with professionals looking to improve their careers. UCR University Extension is always looking for new instructors to join our ranks and support professional development.