Presenting the New Authorizations in Computer Science to Educators Across California

By: Jeff Nazzaro

Computer science covers a vast array of skillsets and expertise, from coding and programming to software design. It’s estimated that the majority of STEM jobs in the next ten years will be in computer science, so now is the time to frontload students with the skills to give them an edge-up in the workforce. Prime the next generation for success, and equip them with lifelong skills that can be carried across a variety of industries and occupations.

UCR University Extension and UC Davis C-STEM have entered into a partnership to offer the Authorizations in Computer Science as a joint program to educators across the state. Students already completing the authorization will be contacted and advised by our Credential Analysts regarding credential completion.

“…a joint program in Authorizations in Computer Science delivered to educators across the state…”

School District Partners will be able to apply for the Computer Science Supplementary Authorization through CTC and include UCD C-STEM and UCR University Extension as grant partners. To join the new UCD C-STEM and UCR University Extension program, partner districts should contact UCD C-STEM to get started on building a customized program tailored to their professional development needs.

Watch the Supplementary and Specific Supplementary program pages on our website for more updates in the coming weeks.