Achieve your dream and complete your UC degree today.

"We want our students to come back, to complete their degrees. We want to offer solutions so that nothing stands in their way.” Marie Martin, Ph.D.

We know that it’s not always a straight path to a life goal, and there can be a lot of stops and starts. If you were on your way to your Bachelor’s degree, but life got in the way, we have a new program designed to help you reach that goal.

The UC Degree Completion Program is a state-funded initiative designed to help Californians who have some college but no degree, successfully earn their Bachelor’s degree or a professional certificate, and advance their career.

The program focuses on your needs and offers academic advising services, career counseling, and access to unique course pathways to help address the various barriers that may have prevented you from successfully completing your degree. We’ll assist you with readmission, and help you navigate the financial aid process.

Can the UC Degree Completion program help me?

The program is designed for former UCR students and other Californians who have some college, but no degree from any college or university. We can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with comprehensive academic advising support, access to commonly needed university courses, guidance returning to higher education, and support for navigating life as a returning university student.

3,500 students in undergraduate programs between 2008 and 2020 left UCR in good standing, and did not complete a degree elsewhere.

How you will benefit:

  • Additional career options
  • Increased income potential
  • Building a better life for you and your family
  • The benefits of a UC education and degree
  • The satisfaction of finishing what you started
  • Setting a great example for your children

The opportunity is here, and your time is now. We can’t wait to celebrate you as you achieve your dream, and complete your educational journey.

Learn more about the program, or reach out and schedule an appointment to talk with us today.

It doesn't matter when your life intersects with UCR University Extension, we're here to help you achieve your goals.


On-Demand Webinar: Want to learn more? Get the latest on program details, eligibility, application, readmission, financial aid, the advising process, campus resources--and more!