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No matter your goals, make them happen. Whether you're looking to prepare for an upcoming exam, hoping to upskill in a specific area, or just update your knowledge in a certain area, our courses are designed to be flexible and fit within your busy schedule.

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Micro MBA

Take charge with this accelerated business course designed to help you secure an understanding of the key fundamentals of business, along with current strategic issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by businesses in today's evolving global environment. Gain insight into the key areas of business that can serve as a sampling or preparation for more advanced study, or build on your business skillset and potential career opportunities.

Short Courses

Gain new skills and enhance your resume without the financial or time commitment of a full certificate or degree program. Short (or non-credit) Courses offer a cost-effective, flexible path to the career you want, with stackable credits that can lead to a full professional certificate.

Test Preparation

Whether you need to take the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT, we have a preparation course that will help you reach your test date with the confidence and skills you need to perform at your best.

University Credit Courses

Jump-start your university career, fulfill general education requirements, or work to complete a degree already in progress. With UCR University Extension University Credit Courses (UCC), you can earn transferable credits while familiarizing yourself with the expectations and teaching style of University-level courses in the United States and strengthening your college applications.

Youth Courses

Youth programs make learning fun, with less pressure, and help kids feel more prepared when school begins - setting them up for SUCCESS right from the start. Enriched courses and programs are specifically designed for eager-to-learn, high-achieving, motivated, and fun-loving students.

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Content Specific Pedagogy

Build knowledge and mastery in one specific content area to drill down your subject matter expertise. Enhance your instructional practices to meet and align with Common Core curriculum standards, and understand the theory and practice behind your subject area.