Effective Case Management: Connecting to the Homeless Community

Effective Case Management: Connecting to the Homeless Community

Course Number: BMSC X440.5

2 units

This course covers the basic principles of effective case management with individuals experiencing homelessness or marginal housing. The focus is on understanding the mechanics of case management, various models of case management, the process and functions of case management, and the historical context of case management. Discuss:

  • historical origins and recent developments in case management
  • functions of case managers
  • techniques of case management
  • removing barriers through inter-agency and inter-professional collaboration
  • identification of other critical agencies
  • resource mobilization
  • technical assistance
  • case consultation

Further discussions include the related areas in client advocacy such as the Harm Reduction Model, 12-Step Model of Recovery, Multidisciplinary Approach, Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing, utilizing a “Whole Person” approach and critical time intervention, legal/ethical issues surrounding homelessness, and diversion. The areas of appropriate documentation and confidentiality are also addressed.


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