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Learn the latest that every current and prospective manager of turfgrass facilities should know about the biology, chemistry, math, pesticides, irrigation, and soil fertility involved in everyday turfgrass management. Take advantage of experts who work in an area that is home to hundreds of golf courses, sports fields, cemeteries, and other turfgrass facilities. Explore the latest trends in agriculture and sustainability so you can make confident, informed decisions that will provide the best landscape, without breaking the budget or using resources inefficiently.

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    Est. Tuition $6,000

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    Duration 15-24 months *

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    Total Units 30 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Required (30.00 Units )
Principles of Plant GrowthCovers the physical and biological principles of plant processes involving assimilation, metabolism and regulation of growth and development.
3.00 Units
Turfgrass Species and ApplicationsStudents learn to identify different turf species by observing certain obvious features or keys that are specific to each plant.
3.00 Units
Math for Turfgrass and Landscape ManagersLearn the basic formulas and calculations that apply to a wide variety of tasks in turfgrass and landscape management.
3.00 Units
Foundations of Turfgrass ManagementAn overview of turfgrass management and related fields for aspiring or current turf managers.
3.00 Units
Management Skills for Turfgrass and Landscape ManagersAn introduction to the broad array of skills required to manage a turfgrass or landscape facility.
3.00 Units
Turfgrass Irrigation and DrainageThis course covers the design, installation, maintenance and operation of modern irrigation and drainage systems for large turf areas.
3.00 Units
Turfgrass PestsThis course stresses preventing diseases, insects and weeds through the incorporation of recommended cultural maintenance strategies including proper irrigation, fertilization and mowing height.
3.00 Units
Pesticide Use on Turfgrass and Ornamental PlantsThis course provides the student with an understanding of federal and State of California laws and regulations regarding pesticide usage.
3.00 Units
Soil Fertility and FertilizersPhysical and chemical properties of soils and fertilizer materials are examined.
3.00 Units
Introduction to Chemistry for Environmental and Agricultural ProfessionalsA general introduction to inorganic and organic chemistry with emphasis on the states of matter, atomic structure, radioactivity, nature of bonding, relationship of bonding to chemical reactivity, reaction types, energy, reaction rates, chemical characteristics of selected series of elements and compounds, and natural products.
3.00 Units

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Jan09Winter 2023
Jan19Winter 2023

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