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Starting a new cannabis business can be an exciting prospect but, like any startup, requires the right intelligence, approach, and plan. However, the newness and changing legal landscape mean that aspiring business owners like yourself have to have an astute understanding of different business facets - not only the ones that are impacted by changing legislation but those introduced by the nature of the new industry itself. To be not only confident in your business plan but also competitive, you'll need to educate yourself on the relevant topics, responsibilities, and strategies to establish your business and prosper.

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    Est. Tuition $2,950

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    Learning Format Online

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    Duration 6 months *

    *Duration times can vary, talk to your advisor for more information.
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    Total Units 9 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Course Schedules are Subject to Change
Required (9.00 Units )
Cannabis 101: History and Practice Across IndustriesThis course serves as a broad introduction to the cannabis genus and its various uses across history, culture, and industry.
3.00 Units
The Business of Cannabis I: Seed to SaleThe Business of Cannabis sequence prepares learners to anticipate and adapt to trends in cannabis business and industry.
3.00 Units
The Business of Cannabis II: Scaling OperationsThe second course in the Business of Cannabis sequence continues with sector-specific challenges in real estate, regulatory compliance, marketing, sales, accounting and finance, human resources, and investment.
3.00 Units


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