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Transitional Kindergarten provides an opportunity for children who don't make the kindergarten age cutoff, to build the appropriate proficiencies to become school ready. Join our fully online program and understand the influences that affect children's early development while learning proven techniques to support their cognitive, physical, social and emotional advancement. Demand for transitional kindergarten teachers is on the rise as more districts opt to incorporate TK into their schools. Whether an experienced teacher looking for a change, or a new educator fresh out of school, this program is designed to impart the knowledge and expertise needed to foster an effective learning environment where children can learn fundamental academics, while simultaneously developing maturity and confidence. Make your mark and pave the way to a successful outcome for young learners.

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    Est. Tuition $5,560

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    Learning Format Online

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    Duration 12 months *

    *Duration times can vary, talk to your advisor for more information.
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    Total Units 36 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Required (36.00 Units )
Transitional Kindergarten: Child Growth and DevelopmentIn-depth study of child development research and theory is presented, including discussion of the biological, physical, social-emotional and cognitive development of children.
4.50 Units
Diversity and Responsive Teaching in a Transitional Kindergarten ClassroomEarly childhood education practices that emphasize developmentally and culturally appropriate interactions, as well as anti-bias curricula are presented.
4.50 Units
Home, School, and Community Collaborations for Transitional Kindergarten TeachersDesigned to develop the theoretical knowledge, practices and communication skills required for successful home and school relationship building.
4.50 Units
Language, Literacy and Support for Preschool English LearnersLearn how to implement the English Language Arts Common Core Standards and the California English Language Development Standards in a Transitional Kindergarten classroom.
4.50 Units
The Transitional Kindergarten CurriculumFocus on evidence-based curriculum and developmentally appropriate activities that meet the specific needs of the TK classroom.
4.50 Units
Intentional Teacher Engagement in a Transitional Kindergarten ClassroomOffers strategies for effective instruction in a Transitional Kindergarten classroom.
4.50 Units
Observation and Assessment in a Transitional Kindergarten ClassroomYou will learn effective formative and ongoing assessment tools and observation strategies for evaluating the learning outcomes in children.
4.50 Units
Practicum and Coaching for Transitional Kindergarten TeachersComplete field experience in model educational settings where Transitional Kindergarten children are served.
4.50 Units

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Jul08Summer 2024
Sep02Fall 2024
Oct07Fall 2024

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