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In the fast-paced and multifaceted world of business, leaders are increasingly being tasked to take on diverse and demanding roles to respond to issues in the workplace as they arise. Benefit from an insider's perspective and acquire key communication strategies and conflict management techniques to run an efficient organization and team. Whether you're just getting started or looking to enhance your existing leadership role, this program will help you maximize and improve your overall performance.

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    Est. Tuition $2,000

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    Learning Format Hybrid

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    Duration 6 months *

    *Duration times can vary, talk to your advisor for more information.
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    Total Units 7 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Course Schedules are Subject to Change
Required (7.00 Units )
Understanding Your Role as SupervisorSupervision is a critical role in a business environment.
1.00 Units
Managing High Performance TeamsThis course focuses on the supervisor and the skills needed to be successful at developing people, the relevance of emotional intelligence, and creating effective high-performance teams to meet organizational goals.
1.00 Units
Communicating EffectivelyEffective communication skills are essential in the exchange of information and ideas, both verbal and non-verbal, within our daily lives and in our work environment.
1.00 Units
Project and Process ManagementProjects are a critical factor in business today.
1.00 Units
Motivating, Managing, and Developing OthersThis course introduces a variety of methodologies, techniques, and strategies available to business leaders and managers seeking to improve their staff's capabilities, engagement, innovation, and flexibility.
1.00 Units
Managing Through Workplace InclusionA healthy work environment is critical to the success of an organization.
1.00 Units
Moving Through ChangeChange significantly impacts an overall organizational culture, and can have a huge effect on employees.
1.00 Units

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We offer multiple start dates to give you flexibility in your eduction, life and work schedules.

Nov01Fall 2023
Nov27Fall 2023
Nov30Fall 2023

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