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Establish a foundation of basic management skills that support all other occupational skills. Then broaden your portfolio or learn to market your potential through a specialized selection of electives, including branding, market research, internal and customer-facing communication, and effective management. Apply yourself through an internship with an American business and confirm your capability to bring success both inside a company and outside with customers, clients, and tourists.

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    Est. Tuition $18,200

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    Learning Format In-Class

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    Duration 34 weeks *

    *Duration times can vary, talk to your advisor for more information.
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    Total Units 47 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Core Courses.
Core (23.00 Units )
Global Human ResourcesPeople and relationships are the most essential part of any organization.
4.00 Units
Global Marketing: Integrated Marketing ManagementThe Integrated Marketing Management course is designed to introduce students to the dynamic and competitive field of marketing.
4.00 Units
Multinational Financial ManagementThis course presents techniques and tools designed to assist managers evaluate risks and opportunities in the global financial environment.
4.00 Units
Building Technology-Centric OrganizationsThe goal of this course is to introduce and provide hands-on experience to the students on the most common technologies used in business today and in the near future.
4.00 Units
Strategic Management in the Global EnvironmentStrategy management is the commitments, decisions, and actions required for an organization to achieve competitiveness, and earn above-average performance and returns.
4.00 Units
Essentials for Professional DevelopmentThe workplace is constantly evolving, and requiring new skills from those entering it.
3.00 Units
Complete 12 units of elective courses
Elective (12.00 Units )
Marketing Principles and PracticeIn nearly all organizations, effective marketing is an important determinant of success in a highly competitive marketplace.
3.00 Units
Market ResearchMarketing management requires objective information about the market served in order to make intelligent business decisions.
3.00 Units
Consumer BehaviorUnderstanding "why people buy" is of crucial importance in determining how to market.
3.00 Units
Strategic Marketing and the Marketing PlanAchieving a sustainable competitive advantage is an ongoing challenge to everyone involved in implementing a marketing strategy.
3.00 Units
Advertising and Promotion ManagementCompetition for consumer attention is intense because advertising penetrates nearly all aspects of everyday life.
3.00 Units
Organizational Behavior DynamicsAn examination of organizational culture including understanding and managing work behavior, perceptions and emotions, motivation and stress; developing work environments that align with organizational culture; providing evaluation, feedback and rewards that model constructive behavior; and managing misbehavior.
3.00 Units
Principles of Special Events ManagementAn introduction to the exciting world of special events.
3.00 Units
Marketing an Event BusinessThis course examines the processes of marketing an event planning business including traditional and social networking methods.
3.00 Units
Wedding Planning and CoordinationAn introduction to wedding planning and coordination.
3.00 Units
Event Fundraising and SponsorshipThis course covers the practical skills necessary to be proficient in planning fundraising events and how to secure sponsorships.
3.00 Units
Corporate Event ManagementThere is a popular misconception that event planning is a generic discipline void of specialties within the field.
3.00 Units
Cross-Cultural Perspectives of TourismAn introduction to the fundamental concepts of culture, social contact and interaction, values, perception and satisfaction, and the complexities associated with of cross-cultural behavior in tourism.
3.00 Units
Tourism Destination ManagementExamines the concept of strategic, sustainable destination development from a management and marketing perspective.
4.00 Units
Internship (12.00 Units )
Analyzing the American WorkplaceTo be an effective employee in the United States, you need to understand how organizational systems work, have a clear understanding of your assigned roles and responsibilities, and how they relate to an organization’s goals.
12.00 Units

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