The Line Between Disorder and Order

Put your problem-solving skills to work to help connect the product with the intended customer, while facilitating the process throughout. Learn how to identify international supply chains at both the global and regional level, and understand the key elements of traffic operations, imports, exports, and overall management. Recognize the challenges and changes affecting purchasing, automation, material handling, working with suppliers, outsourcing, procurement coordination, and more.

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    Est. Tuition $18,200

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    Learning Format In-Class

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    Duration 34 weeks *

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    Total Units 49 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Core Courses.
Core (23 Units )
Global Human ResourcesPeople and relationships are the most essential part of any organization.
4 Units
Global Marketing: Integrated Marketing ManagementThe Integrated Marketing Management course is designed to introduce students to the dynamic and competitive field of marketing.
4 Units
Multinational Financial ManagementThis course presents techniques and tools designed to assist managers evaluate risks and opportunities in the global financial environment.
4 Units
Building Technology-Centric OrganizationsThe goal of this course is to introduce and provide hands-on experience to the students on the most common technologies used in business today and in the near future.
4 Units
Strategic Management in the Global EnvironmentStrategy management is the commitments, decisions, and actions required for an organization to achieve competitiveness, and earn above-average performance and returns.
4 Units
Essentials for Professional DevelopmentThe workplace is constantly evolving, and requiring new skills from those entering it.
3 Units
Required Courses
Required (10 Units )
Fundamentals of Supply Chain ManagementPrinciples and practices of purchasing from determining the requirements for goods and services through their receipt.
4 Units
Logistics in Supply Chain Management: Domestic and GlobalSurveys current practices in logistics management including purchasing, transportation, warehousing and inventory control.
3 Units
Transportation and Traffic ManagementExplores transportation and traffic management principles and techniques including truck, ship, rail, air and intermodal.
3 Units
Choose one elective course
Elective (0 Units )
Current Issues and Case Studies in Supply Chain ManagementSurveys current trends, issues and best practices in purchasing and supply chain management.
4 Units
Environmental LogisticsThe purpose of this course is to help students understand the environmental effects of transport and logistics.
4 Units

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Nov30Fall 2021


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