Compile and Interpret Complex Data

Build a career out of your fearlessness of complicated statistics and datasets. Collect and analyze overwhelming data for companies by first understanding how to find valuable nuggets of information. Apply cloud-based and other technologies to uncover algorithms that lead to predictions on consumer patterns. Simplify the research that leads to the next big business decision and capitalize on the need for more professionals in this promising field.

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    Est. Tuition $18,200

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    Learning Format In-Class

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    Duration 34 weeks *

    *Duration times can vary, talk to your advisor for more information.
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    Total Units 46 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Core Courses.
Core (23.00 Units )
Global Human ResourcesPeople and relationships are the most essential part of any organization.
4.00 Units
Global Marketing: Integrated Marketing ManagementThe Integrated Marketing Management course is designed to introduce students to the dynamic and competitive field of marketing.
4.00 Units
Multinational Financial ManagementThis course presents techniques and tools designed to assist managers evaluate risks and opportunities in the global financial environment.
4.00 Units
Building Technology-Centric OrganizationsThe goal of this course is to introduce and provide hands-on experience to the students on the most common technologies used in business today and in the near future.
4.00 Units
Strategic Management in the Global EnvironmentStrategy management is the commitments, decisions, and actions required for an organization to achieve competitiveness, and earn above-average performance and returns.
4.00 Units
Essentials for Professional DevelopmentThe workplace is constantly evolving, and requiring new skills from those entering it.
3.00 Units
Required Courses
Required (12.00 Units )
Big Data LandscapeThis class covers the process of managing Big Data throughout its lifecycle--from requirements, through retirement.
4.00 Units
Data Analytics TechnologiesThis module covers the basic concepts of statistics needed to understand the critical concepts of data mining, machine learning, and predictive analytics used in the visualization of analysis of data, particularly Big Data.
4.00 Units
Cloud Computing and Web ServicesThis module provides analytical and practical coverage of cloud computing and web services.
4.00 Units
Internship (12.00 Units )
Analyzing the American WorkplaceTo be an effective employee in the United States, you need to understand how organizational systems work, have a clear understanding of your assigned roles and responsibilities, and how they relate to an organization’s goals.
12.00 Units

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