Be a Bridge Between Two Worlds

Courtrooms, emergency rooms, schools, professional conferences - these are just a few of the settings where professional interpreters and translators apply their skills. More than just knowing the correct words to use, these experts must understand the fields in which they work, and have a firm grasp of the cultures involved. As language specialists, interpreters/translators serve as a crucial link between those who cannot understand English and those who serve them, accurately conveying information, concepts and ideas between languages.

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    Est. Tuition $3,820

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    Learning Format Online

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    Duration 12 months *

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    Total Units 19.5 - 23.5 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Completion of 4 core courses is required..
Required (15.50 Units )
Introduction to Legal Interpretation and Sight TranslationThis course is designed to introduce students to the legal setting.
2.00 Units
Consecutive Translation for Interpreters and TranslatorsIn this course students will learn to convert the words into the target language after the speakers delivers one or two sentences.
4.50 Units
Simultaneous Interpretation for Interpreters and TranslatorsStudents enrolled in this course will learn the basics about simultaneous interpretation.
4.50 Units
Sight Translation for Interpreters and TranslatorsSight interpretation and translation concepts will be used to assess the ability to comprehend written text in one language and the ability to produce an oral or signed rendition in another language.
4.50 Units
Medical Interpretation Specialization
Medical Interpretation (8.00 Units )
Medical InterpretationThe Medical Interpreting Course will introduce the bilingual and bicultural individual to a description of the Limited English Proficient (LEP) Population.
4.00 Units
Medical TerminologyThe Medical Terminology English-Spanish course will teach students how to understand common medical terms and meanings by breaking down the words in prefix, root word and suffix.
4.00 Units
Court Interpretation Specialization
Court Interpretation (4.00 Units )
Ethics and Legal Court ProceedingsIn this class, students will become familiar with ethical standards for interpreters.
1.00 Units
Court Interpretation- Exam PreparationThis class is designed to help the student prepare to pass the State Court Interpreter Exam.
3.00 Units
Community Interpretation Specialization
Community Interpretation (8.00 Units )
Community InterpretationIn this course, students will learn how to navigate across cultural interpretation in the educational field.
4.00 Units
Community Interpretation and Translation in EducationIn this course, students will learn how to create their own tools for the field of Community Interpretation in the Educational Field.
4.00 Units

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Oct23Fall 2023
Jan08Winter 2024
Jan08Winter 2024

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