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Start yourself on a path toward collegiate success. If you’re preparing for college after graduation but are unsure of what you want to major in, it can feel a bit overwhelming to think about the long list of disciplines from which to choose. How do you know which is the right one for you? How do you avoid spending time studying a major that ends up not fitting your interests? This short, focused program is designed to help you sift through these questions while earning UC credit at the same time.

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    Total Units 10 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Course Schedules are Subject to Change
Required (.00 Units )
Academic WritingAcademic Writing is a course designed to prepare you for college-level academic writing.
2.00 Units
Elective (8.00 Units )
Cultural AnthropologyExplores the basic contributions of anthropology to the understanding of human behavior and culture and the explanation of similarities and differences among human societies.
4.00 Units
Introduction to ArchaeologyThis course offers a general introduction to the aims and methods of archaeology, in both the field and laboratory.
4.00 Units
Introduction to BusinessProvides an overview of the field of business administration.
4.00 Units
Introduction to MacroeconomicsAn introduction to the study of the economic system from a macro, or aggregate, perspective.
5.00 Units
Introduction to MicroeconomicsPrinciples of microeconomics with emphasis on methodology of economic analysis, supply and demand theory, market theory, resource allocation, and the provision of public goods.
5.00 Units
Healthful LivingThe purpose of this course is to examine critical health and wellness issues of contemporary life and how personal and societal attitudes influence how we view theses issues.
4.00 Units
Electronics, Smart Phones, and Mobile InternetIntroduces basic concepts and understanding of electronic products, wireless communications, industrial control, and robotics that are important for citizens and leaders in the information age.
4.00 Units
Introduction to the Study of Race and EthnicityThis course will introduce foundational theories and concepts in Ethic Studies, and examine how social institutions have historically shaped race relations and social processes producing racial, class, and gender inequalities and stratifications.
4.00 Units
History 17A: The United States to 1877This course covers the key developments in the history of United States to 1877.
4.00 Units
World History: Twentieth CenturyOver five weeks, we will trace the history of the long 20th century across our interconnected world.
4.00 Units
Energy and EnvironmentCovers energy conservation, energy sources, market dynamics, and climate change.
4.00 Units
Contemporary Moral IssuesPhilosophical analysis of contemporary moral issues, such as: abortion, discrimination, sexual morality, punishment, the obligation to obey the law, suicide, euthanasia, war, privacy.
4.00 Units
Ethics and the Meaning of LifeApproaches one of the basic questions of value: how should one live? Covers classical and contemporary discussions of issues such as the human good, human virtue, the role of pleasure and happiness, egoism and altruism, duty, the relativity and objectivity of value, the meaning of life, death, autonomy, integrity, and conscience.
4.00 Units
EvilAn introduction to the nature of evil, its motivation, and its origins.
4.00 Units
Introduction to Critical ThinkingA practical examination of reasoning and argument, topically illustrated.
4.00 Units
The OriginsExplores the most fundamental questions in cosmology, physics, and chemical sciences through their origins.
4.00 Units
Introduction to Applied Data Science: A multi-disciplinary approachIntroduces students from different disciplines (physical, biological, engineering, finance, economy, humanities) to data science techniques and applications.
4.00 Units

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