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Educational Therapists do more than identify where a student is struggling or what they need to learn. They identify why a student is struggling and how they learn best! Expand your existing knowledge base and career options through our Professional Certificate in Educational Therapy. Learn how to demystify both common and unique learning issues, and work to create and implement individualized treatment plans to meet your client's needs. As increased class sizes and limited resources constrain special education programs and services, the demand for Educational Therapists is expected to continue with an upward trajectory. Many choose to establish their own private practice, while others contract with school districts. Our program combines theory with practice, with both coursework and fieldwork. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, you are certain to receive high quality instruction, which you can immediately implement in your career.

Note: Estimated tuition reflects new rates in effect starting summer 2024.

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    Est. Tuition $4,200

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    Learning Format Online

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    Duration 12-18 months *

    *Duration times can vary, talk to your advisor for more information.
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    Total Units 21 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Required Courses.
Required (21.00 Units )
Understanding Learning DifferencesThis course increases participant's understanding of learning disabilities.
3.00 Units
Psychology of Human LearningPrinciples of cognitive, developmental, and social psychology, as they apply to the exceptional learner, are examined in this course.
3.00 Units
Principles of Educational TherapyAspects of the educational therapist's role are defined, including ethical practices and laws on professional responsibilities.
3.00 Units
Techniques of Educational Therapy, Part I: Academic and Content AreasThis course covers applicable techniques and materials for subject areas and academic skill problems in reading, language, and for general study skills.
3.00 Units
Techniques of Educational Therapy, Part IIThis course examines the educational therapist's role in remediating client learning difficulties and in developing compensatory strategies to use in educational, vocational, or social settings.
3.00 Units
Advanced Educational AssessmentThe background and skills which an educational therapist needs to assess and evaluate clients are examined.
3.00 Units
Assessment for Educational Therapists: PracticumAssessment tools and procedures frequently used in educational therapy are introduced.
3.00 Units
Optional Elective (.00 Units )
Management of Clinical PracticeEstablishing a private Educational Therapy practice, and operating it as a successful business, is a challenging process to beginners in the field.
2.00 Units

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Aug26Summer 2024
Aug26Summer 2024
Aug26Summer 2024

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