Set the Path for Early Learners

The early years of a child’s life are fundamental in shaping their overall development. Become part of their story by developing the essential skills and knowledge needed to promote a sound, well-structured beginning. Learn how to incorporate age and developmentally appropriate curricula in order to ensure that the emotional, social, creative, physical and cognitive needs of children are met for a successful outcome.

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    Est. Tuition $2,800

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    Duration 12-24 months *

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    Total Units 36.5 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Required Courses.
Required (36.50 Units )
An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies: Child Growth and DevelopmentStudies early childhood education from a historical perspective and includes principles, stages and prominent theories of growth and development.
4.50 Units
The Role of Home, School and Community in Early Childhood EducationInterrelationships of the home, school, community and their effects on the learning of young children.
4.50 Units
Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum in Early Childhood EducationMethods for integrating and implementing developmentally appropriate experiences in language, art, music, and science, with a focus on the emotional, social, creative, physical and cognitive needs of children from infancy though eight years of age.
4.50 Units
Health, Safety, and Nutrition in Early Childhood EducationExamines the physical and health issues of children from birth to age eight.
4.50 Units
Principles and Practices of Teaching Young ChildrenExamines underlying principles of quality practices utilized in early childhood programs emphasizing the critical role of high-quality environments, constructive adult-child relationships, and teaching strategies to support physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development for typical and Atypical children.
4.50 Units
Observation and Assessment of Children's Social and Learning DevelopmentThe exploration of child development behaviors via appropriate assessment and observational strategies.
4.50 Units
Teaching Young Children in a Diverse SocietyDevelopment of social identities in diverse societies including theoretical and practical implications of privilege or oppression as they apply to young children, families, programs, classrooms and teaching.
4.50 Units
Supervised Field Experience for Early Childhood EducationThis supervised field experience course follows the guidelines established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
5.00 Units

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