Prepare for Tomorrow's Cultural Needs

You know that changes in cultural perceptions today are going to significantly impact your personal and professional life in the future. How do you prepare for those changes now so you’re equipped to approach situations with cultural sensitivity? If you have bigger ideas about building trust in your community or working with different populations of people, this is where you start—all while earning UC credit.

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    Duration 9 months *

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    Total Units 8 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Course Schedules are Subject to Change
Required (8.00 Units )
Introduction to the Study of Race and EthnicityThis course will introduce foundational theories and concepts in Ethic Studies, and examine how social institutions have historically shaped race relations and social processes producing racial, class, and gender inequalities and stratifications.
4.00 Units
Exploring the Global WorkplaceStudents will learn how to achieve introductory-level abilities in career-preparation skills including resume writing, informational interviewing, work-culture and communication, and traditional interviewing techniques.
2.00 Units
Enacting Change Across Cultures: Thinking Local/Thinking GlobalThis course prepares students to self-reflect on their privilege and experiences to be informed and active change agents, within their communities and globally.
2.00 Units

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