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Take your specialized knowledge from the office to the classroom and pass down your expertise to students who want to begin a vocational, technical, trade or military career. Designed to develop the necessary teaching skills to effectively prepare students for the workforce, the DS CTE or Special Subjects credential provides the tools you need to start a career in teaching. Learn effective instruction planning for a diverse student group and acquire classroom management strategies to maintain a thriving learning environment.

Note: Estimated tuition reflects new rates in effect starting summer 2024.

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    Est. Tuition $3,640

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    Learning Format Online

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    Duration 24 months *

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    Total Units 19 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Required (19.00 Units )
Orientation for Designated Subjects Credentials ProgramThis orientation to the Designated Subjects Credential Program provides individuals interested in obtaining a Designated Subjects teaching credential with an understanding of the eligibility requirements to become a Career Technical Education or Special Subjects teacher, an overview of the program’s structure, requirements, and processes for obtaining and clearing the credential.
.00 Units
DS Early Orientation to TeachingIntroduction to Career Technical Education (CTE) program concepts, equity and diversity in the classroom, legal and ethical issues, lesson planning and strategies for teaching and managing an effective classroom environment are introduced in this early orientation for CTE teachers.
2.00 Units
DS Classroom/Laboratory Management and SafetyClassroom management strategies that ensure student safety and develop and maintain an effective learning environment.
2.00 Units
DS Curriculum and InstructionCurriculum development and instructional planning skills in relation to specific occupations.
4.00 Units
DS Assessing Student LearningStrategies for planning instruction relevant to both the diverse needs of students and occupations.
3.00 Units
DS Teaching English Learners and Students with Special NeedsInstructional strategies that provide all students with access to CTE curriculum.
3.00 Units
DS Foundations and Professional Legal/Ethical ResponsibilityConcepts, themes and skills related to the CTE teaching profession including the history and traditions of CTE, its role in public education, and current ethical and legal issues related to professional conduct, misconduct and moral fitness for teachers.
1.50 Units
Implementation of Health Instruction Framework for California SchoolsPractical ideas to use in implementing the goals of the Health Instruction Framework for California schools.
2.00 Units
DS Culminating PortfolioFinal evaluation and verification of candidate competency for Career Technical Education Credential and presentation of Culmination Portfolio.
.50 Units
CPR and Basic First AidBasic first aid training that meets standards established by the Emergency Medical Services.
1.00 Units
U.S. Constitution ExaminationThis course introduces students to the basic concepts in the study of American government.
.00 Units

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Jul22Summer 2024

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