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Understanding legislation around cannabis businesses and operation can be difficult when they differ from localities to states and even compared to federal regulations. Part of that confusion can come with trying to decipher the language itself, especially if you're not familiar with legal terminology. Learning how these regulations affect business operations will be crucial in keeping compliant with applicable rules and keeping a cannabis career or business thriving. Start with a concise, broad collection of legal topics and history to explore to get more comfortable in developing a cannabis business.

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    Duration 6 months *

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    Total Units 9 Units

Required Courses

Course Formats
Course Schedules are Subject to Change
Required (9 Units )
Cannabis 101: History and Practice Across IndustriesThis course serves as a broad introduction to the cannabis genus and the plants’ various uses across history, culture, and industry.
3 Units
Cannabis Law and Policy I: Historical Perspectives and Regional AnalysisThis course introduces learners to the historical perspectives of statutory and administrative law as it pertains to medicinal and recreational cannabis and industrial hemp.
3 Units
Cannabis Law & Policy II: Emerging SectorsDuring the second course in Cannabis Law & Policy, learners self-select for a disciplinary focus in agriculture, entrepreneurial, or healthcare law and policy.
3 Units


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