Professional Certificate in Marketing

Professional Certificate in Marketing

Classroom or Online Program


9-12 months


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Learn up-to-date principles, concepts and techniques so you can contribute more to your organization and take on a new professional role. Gain intensive, in-depth exposure to core marketing principles, and learn specific practices to improve marketing skills. Explore advertising and public relations, as it applies to small and large organizations, businesses, government or nonprofits.

Designed For

Individuals who are:

  • Seeking an understanding of the elements of marketing for both entry-level positions as well as career advancement.
  • Although marketing is typically considered a business subject, anyone who can benefit from an intensive study in the field is welcome to attend.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn key marketing principles, essential functions, and contemporary marketing practices.
  • Develop a practical understand of how marketing affects profitability and growth.
  • Examine the sources of marketing information and the quantitative and qualitative processes for collecting information.
  • Analyze consumers' motivations to buy, their needs and desires, and the methods for satisfying them.
  • Learn how to develop, implement and manage competitive marketing strategies.

What You Can Do With This Certificate

Positions are available in industries around the world, and can be found in private firms or companies, government or nonprofit organizations. They might include:

  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing sales representative
  • Marketing account executive
  • Advertising sales director

Program Overview


12 Units


6 Units

Real People. Real Results.

“I wanted to back my on-the-job marketing skills with a formal professional certificate. The classes were informative and taught by instructors with real-world experience. My employer increased my marketing influence with added responsibilities--allowing me to make a greater impact on the organization.”

Jennifer Cheatham

Marketing Coordinator
International E-Z UP, Inc.
Norco, CA

Earning the Certificate

Prior to enrolling, please ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:

  • High school education or equivalent

NOTE: Successful completion of the Professional Achievement Award in Social Media Network Strategies or the Social Media Network Strategies Intensive Academy meets the elective requirements for the Professional Certificate in Marketing.

Industry Connection

Endorsed by the California Inland Counties chapter of the American Marketing Association (CICAMA).

For more information see How to Earn a Certificate

Certificate Courses

Our certificate programs are designed to be flexible, allowing you the option to take just a few courses or to earn the complete certificate. If choosing to complete the certificate, we recommend you get the most out of your experience by following the suggested completion path below.

Quarter 1

Marketing Principles and Practice

MGT X475

3 units

Consumer Behavior

MGT X475.5

3 units

Quarter 2

Market Research

MGT X476

3 units


Quarter 3



Quarter 4

Strategic Marketing and the Marketing Plan

MGT X476.7

3 units

Instructor Spotlight

“I make myself available to my students, and listen to their context in order to understand where they are coming from. I enjoy involving them in the real world of entrepreneurship, leadership, intrapreneurship, marketing, sales, and import/export through my life experiences. It's a privilege to be part of their lives.”

Patrick Millsap

Faculty, M.B.A. Program
Mount Saint Mary's College
Los Angeles, CA

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