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Policy Bootcamp

Cannabis Law and Policy Bootcamp

Cannabis Law and Policy Bootcamp

Online Program


6 months



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Understanding legislation around cannabis businesses and operation can be difficult when they differ from localities to states and even compared to federal regulations. Part of that confusion can come with trying to decipher the language itself, especially if you’re not familiar with legal terminology. Learning how these regulations affect business operations will be crucial in keeping compliant with applicable rules and keeping a cannabis career or business thriving. Start with a concise, broad collection of legal topics and history to explore to get more comfortable in developing a cannabis business.

Designed For

  • Individuals wanting to learn more about the legal cannabis industry
  • Individuals wanting to start a cannabis business

What You’ll Learn

  • An overview of cannabis history, medical cannabis, and industrial hemp
  • Responsibilities of industry-specific sectors, such as cannabis enterprise
  • Historical legislation and cases that impact cannabis business operation today
  • Concepts about the various areas of law as they pertain to either agriculture, enterprise, or healthcare law and policy

What You Can Do With This Program

Positions are available in a variety of industries and can include self-employment, corporations, or nonprofit organizations. Jobs might include:

  • Legal assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Legal secretaries
  • Consultants

Real People. Real Results.

“We are teaming up with UCR Extension to help fill the void of skilled and highly-trained professionals needed in the booming cannabis industry. My hope is that this program will create an ever-growing pipeline of talented people to take their places innovating and building major cannabis companies. Learn from legacy cannabis growers, medical doctors and nurses, business owners, and industry attorneys.”

Max Simon

Green Flower

Earning the Certificate

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Quarter 1

Cannabis 101: History and Practice Across Industries

MGT 870.1

Cannabis Law & Policy I: Historical Perspectives

MGT 870.4

Cannabis Law & Policy II: Emerging Sectors

MGT 870.5

Instructor Spotlight

“Green Flower sets the industry standard for cannabis education, and their ethical imperative is to supply instructor-led education supplied in a real-world setting. In my classroom, I embrace design thinking methodologies to promote theory-to-practice, student-centered engagement that prepares learners for actionable and successful careers in the cannabis industry.”

Dana Milstein, Ph.D.

UCR Extension & Green Flower Instructor

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