Life's an Adventure: Take your career abroad.

Life's an Adventure: Take your career abroad.

Nicole Knighten, Graduate, TEFL Professional Certificate Program

 Nicole Knighten was working in K-12 education public affairs, but had a dream of combining her background in education with her passion for travel. 

“I decided to take a gamble, and I enrolled in UCR Extension’s Intensive 4-Week TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Summer Academy. It was an amazing experience. The instructors were dedicated professionals who made the curriculum very interesting, and provided me with the practical skills and tips that really have helped me in my international classroom. I would recommend this
program to anyone considering teaching abroad.

Today, I’m having the adventure of a lifetime, teaching English for academic purposes to first-year students at Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University in Suzhou, China. My position makes it really easy to combine my two passions: education and travel.  I just returned from a trip to Thailand over semester break, and am busy designing and booking the next one!  While moving abroad and starting a new career was scary,  I decided to pursue my dream and not worry about what other people thought. It’s been a great move for me, and I love what I do. I have the opportunity to see the world, and my work-life balance has been wonderful.”

The intensive, four-week TEFL Summer Academy is specifically designed for those wanting to teach abroad. It prepares you with the skills to implement English lessons with a wide range of proven techniques. The hands-on approach to learning in this program has students teaching second-language learners within the first week of class. The program provides a practical curriculum which covers lesson planning in structure, conversation, reading, pronunciation, and writing. Learn how to teach students who vary in levels from beginner to advanced, and learn how to deliver lessons using a wide range of effective teaching techniques. From the first week of the program, begin practicing your newfound skills on actual ESL students. 

Sara Brathwaite, UCR Extension's TESOL and TEFL Academic Coordinator, understands how teaching English abroad can be overwhelming to those who are not well prepared. "In the TEFL program, I channel my empathy toward language learners and language teachers, and use my theoretical knowledge and practical background in the field to prepare them for a global experience. My goal is that my teachers have the most successful experiences teaching English in a foreign country."



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