Rise up in your law and justice career with niche skills.

Working in a courtroom or behind the yellow tape, a career in law is a rewarding one. No matter your area of specialty, you're working to provide a positive outcome. Gain confidence and legal knowledge to effectively manage an individual's estate or work side-by-side with an experienced legal team. If your interest leans more to the investigative side, put your analytic skills and meticulous eye to work by learning new ways to collect and research evidence and preserve key findings.


Criminal Justice and Forensics

Law enforcement, the judicial system, and the community, all need CSI and CIA professionals to ensure that evidence is collected and processed correctly, and that no stone gets left unturned when investigating a crime. Learn from real-world instructors who will help you bridge the gap between theory and practice.


Theres no better time to start down the path of becoming a law professional, or continue growing toward your goals. Through real-world application of legal theory, these programs will help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to thrive in your law career. Become a professional fiduciary, acting as an advocate and legal representative, or a paralegal, helping to win cases that make a lasting impact.