Your Road to Success Begins Here

Education is a continuous journey. Whether you're starting a new career in the classroom, looking to improve your teaching skills, or making the move in a completely new direction, our credential and certificate programs will give you the proficiencies necessary to succeed. Our goal through these programs is to help you grow both personally and professionally, thrive on new challenges, and help shape the ever-changing landscape of education.


Designated Subjects Credentials

Career Technical Education programs build positive relationships, increase student engagement, spark career goals, and create opportunities for student success. Take your specialized knowledge from the office to the classroom and pass down your expertise to students who want to begin a vocational, technical, trade or military career.

Serving Students with Special Needs

Break down barriers to learning by recognizing what your students need to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Learn how to demystify common and unique learning issues to develop and implement individualized plans, and understand how the social emotional component is pivotal to forming positive relationships and emotional connections.

Student Services and Administration

Navigating the transition from high school to college isnt easy, especially with the ever-changing admission requirements of colleges today. Help make the transition as seamless as possible by learning the ins and outs of how colleges choose students, strategies to unravel the complex topic of financial aid, and effective career counseling tips to set students on a path to success.

Teaching English Learners

Bridge the gap for English learners. Embracing a new language can be overwhelmingstudents acclimating to a new culture and language require differentiated instruction in the classroom to provide the best learning outcome for optimal success. Expand your teaching capacity and help facilitate the language acquisition process, and lead students on a path to academic achievement.