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Proudly recognized as an official US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Ambassador.

Hire Long-Term Employees with Skills for the Future

Through the UCR Extension Apprenticeship program, your organization can hire apprentices you can train to fill your highest priority jobs. They’ll start working immediately, while taking courses to develop niche skills your team needs to stay ahead of the curve and meet industry demands.

Program Benefits

  • Fill vacant high-skill jobs with local apprentices
  • Leave the training and coursework to UCR Extension
  • Improve employee retention, productivity and profitability with customized training

Speak with our Program Coordinator to see if your organization qualifies for wage reimbursement.

How it Works

  • Get in touch with our Program Coordinator to share your organization’s hiring needs. UCR Extension partners with employers in the Inland Empire region to mutually benefit employers and employees. Contact the Program Coordinator to discuss how becoming an ongoing apprenticeship partner can help your organization thrive.
  • Customize your apprentice’s coursework and mentor your apprentice to fill your hiring gaps. Work with UCR Extension to develop curriculum and on-the-job training for apprentices, tailored to the needs of your organization. This program provides support to the employer and assigns on-site mentors as needed to aid apprentices.
  • Hire employees who are prepared for long-term growth with your organization. Apprenticeships typically last one year or more. After coursework and on-the-job training are complete, employers come away with a well-trained, certified, successful employee who is invested in their role for the long term.

Applicable Programs

Certificate and Coursework Pathways for IT, Advanced Manufacturing, and Distribution Apprenticeships

Fill Your Most In-Demand Roles with Skilled Local Apprentices

The Inland Empire of Southern California is booming with more job vacancies than ever, without enough skilled workers available locally. Through our Apprenticeship program, your organization can immediately hire apprentices to fill job vacancies. Work with the UCR Extension team to customize apprentice coursework and on-the-job training for successful, long-term employees.

Does this sound like your organization?

“We can’t find skilled candidates to fill the IT jobs we have available.”
“We’re having to hire people who have skills other than those we’re really looking for.”
“We are paying too much by using staffing and employment agencies to hire workers.”

  • Fill Job Vacancies Find the skilled workers you need from a qualified group of apprentices.
  • Customized Training Work with UCR Extension to customize apprentice education and niche training.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve Gain employees who are specifically trained for the future needs of your industry.

Hiring Skilled Employees Shouldn’t Be Overwhelming

Our apprenticeship program is custom-made for organizations just like yours. Apprentices will start working in the jobs (or positions) you need to fill right away, while simultaneously taking coursework to enhance their on-the-job success. It’s a win-win!